Public Safety

Violent crime is on a drastic rise in Oakland. Just last year, the murder rate increased by 30%, with 134 lives lost. It is a public health crisis. And violent crime is not the only story: smash and grabs, home invasion robberies, burglaries and petty theft are also increasing. We all feel it – yet while crime rises and we feel less and less safe in our neighborhoods, City Hall has not done enough. We all deserve to be safe.

The time for City Hall politricking, infighting and feuds is over. It’s time to do something–now. We need more investment in violence prevention and intervention programs, healing and trauma care, more trusted community-oriented police and safety officers, more cross-departmental and community partnerships and more emphasis on workforce readiness programs, jobs, housing, and equitable investments in opportunities for all Oaklanders to pursue pathways around and out of crime.

As Mayor I will immediately fund more police academies to recruit Oaklanders for our police department. This is critical – we need more community police officers, but we desperately need more of them from Oakland who honor, represent and respect our community. I will re-purpose existing funding streams and secure state and federal dollars to grow our community police officers and invest in our Department of Violence Prevention. I will fully fund Ceasefire (our landmark, successful violence intervention program and partnership with faith-based organizations). I will ensure ongoing compliance, transparency and trust building with constitutional community policing, along with civilian oversight committees. I will create new community policing foot patrols in merchant corridors across Oakland to improve public safety for business and residents. I will advance our reimagine public safety goals and dedicate resources to respond to non-violent crimes, like the Mobile Assistance Community Responders of Oakland (MACRO) Program.

With precision, collaboration, accountability, and action, we can make Oakland safe again.