Love Our Town

Our parks, streets and public spaces reflect who we are. Clean streets are an act of town love, environmental justice and investment in our quality of life. Clean streets are also a clear and loud signal to illegal dumpers, vandals, and those who create blight that they better not mess with Oakland. We are watching and we will take action.

If elected, I will work with our waste and recycling service providers, the Department of Public Works, Alameda County agencies as well as non-profit and neighborhood organizations across Oakland to develop a “zero-tolerance” policy on trash and illegal dumping.  I will hire additional environmental enforcement officers whose efforts focus on educating and enforcing current laws around blight and illegal dumping to cite dumpers, blight creators, vandals, and others who treat our streets as their personal trash can.  I will increase surveillance camera technology to citywide hotspots, fill vacant public works positions, and enhance our community workforce program–keeping Oaklanders working. Lastly, I will launch citywide community clean-up days and a beautification incentive program with neighborhood crime prevention councils and cultural arts organizations.

Together, we will develop and maintain a public health regime for cleaning and upkeeping every street corner, vacant lot, and park in our beloved town. We will create a matrix to ensure we stick to this plan and we will be accountable to all of Oakland.

We all deserve to live in a clean, healthy, thriving and beautiful city!