Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is a human right. Oaklanders should not have to choose between paying for housing or food, paying for housing or health services, working multiple jobs to afford housing or moving away from the community they love. Too many of our neighbors are struggling with housing insecurity, like I’ve faced. We cannot continue to standby while families are making these difficult choices to remain rooted and stable in our town.

We can build more deeply affordable housing in Oakland, and if I am mayor, we will. I will augment our funding streams like Measure KK to help finance more affordable housing and streamline the approval process. I will advance a robust strategy to reach our assigned regional housing needs goal with public and private partners. I will require our Planning Department to immediately move all development projects with substantial affordable housing components to the front of the line in planning and review and approve those plans within one hundred days of taking office. Finally, I will work closely with the County, State, and Federal government to leverage all available matching funds and subsidies for Oakland so that we build affordable housing quickly, efficiently and at a high volume.