Issues - Treva Reid for Oakland Mayor



End Gun Violence

It’s a public health crisis.
One life lost is too many.


Ensure Housing Stability

Housing is a human right.
Keep Oaklanders housed permanently.


Increase Career Opportunities

Close the widening
wage and wealth gaps.


Community Vitality

Healthy communities thrive.

End Gun Violence

Like so many Oakland residents, I have personally been impacted by the trauma and cycles of senseless violence. The public safety of our community requires a robust strategy to end gun violence and high rates of crime. We need to address the triggers and root causes of crime such as poverty, mental illness, joblessness, substance abuse and dismantle structural racism. As your City Mayor, I will work tirelessly to: 

  • Expand and reallocate funding from the Oakland Police Department (OPD) to provide culturally competent trauma recovery and mental health services to our community.
  • Increase funding for violence prevention, intervention and healing programs, which includes funding violence interrupters trained to outreach and mediate potential conflict in our community.
  • Support alternate methods of trauma informed community policing and mental health responses to non-violent 911 calls.
  • Work with city leaders, community members and OPD to ensure diverse, local representation in our community, with transparency, accountability, equitable protocols, practices and constitutional policing enforced.
  • Advocate to redirect more funds from county and state agencies to partner with Oakland to reinvest in workforce development, job training stipends and community service programs.


Ensure Housing Stability

We live in one of the most expensive cities in the state and across the nation. Too many families in Oakland are being displaced as housing prices and rents soar.  Oakland is one of the most impacted city's in the nation, with the greatest number of residents evicted and displaced. As your Councilmember, I will fight to ensure new and longtime residents can afford to live in the City we love and help improve temporary and permanent housing solutions for our unhoused neighbors through my work to:

  • Work to pass and enforce existing tenant protections to keep our most vulnerable residents permanently housed.
  • Collaborate with regional partners and local organizations to increase housing solutions; including securing funds for safe shelter locations and services for those unhoused.
  • Improve upon existing policies to build deeply affordable, low-income housing to ensure our most vulnerable residents remain housed. 
  • Support the process to uncover and fully invest Affordable Housing Impact Fees, to put the money to work where it’s needed most. 
  • Expand rental assistance, mortgage subsidies and emergency response housing programs during COVID.   
  • Advocate for tax abatements, increased federal and state funding for subsidized low-income housing and affordable home ownership programs. 


Increase Career Opportunities 

We are becoming a city of wealth or poverty and we cannot let the income disparities continue. We must close the widening wealth gap in our City by creating equitable economic opportunities and living wage career paths.  We must all benefit from the growing opportunities, increased investment, housing development, job security and income stability. I will work with leaders throughout our region to ensure Oakland residents receive equitable investment and resources to:

  • Redevelop our communities to attract and retain businesses that will provide and preserve good living-wage career paths for Oakland residents. 
  • Continue supporting  workforce training programs. 
  • Protect and progress the economic stability and vitality of businesses impacted by development projects
  • Increase business investment in along  key corridors, especially near the Oakland airport  
  • Support a COVID relief nonprofit grant fund targeted to communities of color for individuals, businesses, artists and entrepreneurs to help sustain their business as they serve our community members. 
  • Ensure policies created for the opportunity zones actually support existing residents and don’t displace them and increase entrepreneurial opportunities and economic empowerment for Oakland residents. 


Community Vitality

Healthy communities thrive with safe, clean environments, access to nutritious food and high-quality schools, which improves attitudes and encourages more active, vibrant lifestyles. To ensure the overall well-being of Oakland residents, I will work on  to:

  • Ensure access of PPE to our hospitals, schools, frontline workers, grassroots nonprofits, and community members during COVID.
  • Address the impacts of illegal dumping of trash and abandoned vehicles.
  • Assure bond funds to improve pedestrian and traffic safety are used for their intended purpose.
  • Support ongoing maintenance of roads, community parks and recreation facilities.
  • Collaborate proactively with Oakland Unified School District to address educational gaps, the digital divide and support the overall success of our students. 
  • Support strategies to improve community health, emergency preparedness, wildfire safety and reduce exposure to environmental hazards.
  • Ensure Oakland is at the forefront of economic recovery with equitable investment, access, resources, policies and practices that allow residents and small businesses to remain and thrive for generations to come.


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