Housing Stability - Treva Reid for Oakland City Council - District 7

Housing Stability

We live in one of the most expensive cities in the state and across the nation. Too many families in Oakland are being displaced as housing prices and rents soar. East Oakland is one of the most impacted areas in the city, with the greatest number of residents evicted and displaced. As your representative, I will fight to ensure longtime and new residents can reside harmoniously in the city we love by:

  • Working to pass and enforce existing tenant protections to keep East Oakland residents permanently housed
  • Collaborating with regional partners and local organizations to increase housing solutions; including securing funds for safe shelter locations and services for those unhoused
  • Improving upon existing policies to build deeply affordable, low-income housing to ensure our most vulnerable populations remain housed
  • Supporting the process to uncover and fully invest Impact Fees, to put the money to work where it’s needed most, now.
  • Advocating for tax abatements, increased federal and state funding for subsidized low-income housing and affordable home ownership programs